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Perfect coffee, prompt service 2015-Jul-13, 03:20 pm

Though yet to experience taste and quality of other products from Coorgshoppe, whole heartedly vouch for fascinating experience they give for Coorg's filter coffee. Perfect roast, right blend,supported by prompt on line services for supplies, Dr Chinnappa and his team at Coorgshoppe need to be cheered and applauded. Hope and wish our association continues for a long and uninterrupted time to come , not just limited to coffee , but to other products in their range. Thank you Dr Chinnappa.
-S P Giri
feedback in respect of pure peaberry filter coffee 2015-Jun-21, 04:29 pm

The above item is very nice,really pure and of true value of its price thank you
-Dwarakanath U D
Thanks for the prompt delivery of DVDs 2015-May-21, 04:56 pm

Hi Chinnappa, I wanted to thank you for the prompt and efficient delivery of the CDs I ordered online. Wishing you all the best, Sundar Muthanna
-Sundar Muthanna
Purchase satisfaction 2015-Jan-21, 07:24 pm

I had purchased a couple of products ,especially the smoked pork and the pork pickle is just great . The product was damaged during transit they were courteous enough to resend a whole new consignment .
-Dr jijo Jacob
Best Gift! 2015-Jan-08, 12:18 am

I got the pork pickle as a gift from my friend. The pork pickle is great. Hits all the spots!! My daughter even made pasta with the pork pickle!! Good job!
Very good products 2015-Jan-07, 12:13 am

I had recently ordered pork pickle and bitterlime chutney. Both were very good! Can I get bigger packs?
-Rina Verghese
Pork masala powder good for chicken too! 2014-Nov-23, 12:10 pm

I read the pandi masala recipe in your blogpost. And made it with chicken, using pork spice and kachampalli vinaigrette. It tasted awesome specially with a Sherry.
Home made wine 2014-Nov-16, 06:31 pm

Why there is no home made wines now?I bought once from this site and it was really nice.Please make it available
-George Abraham
Great products! 2014-Sep-07, 11:02 am

Coorg filter coffee was really great. I am a huge fan of it. Specially after returning from Italy, This is the only coffee that I can accept in India. Other coffees or other instant coffees seem tasteless. Kachampalli Vinegar is something that I am learning how to use. Would be great if you may keep some complementary coorgy recipes on how to use them. But so far loved the taste in which ever chicken recipe I have tried it with. And my husband is a huge lover of your dry mango. Wish I could get bigger packet for this. Thanks and look forward to order again and will recommend my friends also to order from you.
Fabulous 2014-Jul-26, 09:49 pm

I used kachampuli last night in my version of the pandhi curry. have to say it is absolutely fabulous. nice strong flavour.
Filter coffee is nice and tasty 2014-Jun-01, 11:03 pm

The coffee with this powder is nice and very tasty. Please let me know if you launch any other new products especially in coffee powder range.
Pure Honey 2013-Oct-24, 12:13 pm

I like Nectar fresh honey because it is Pure, delicious. I use this product instead of sugar for baking cake! It completely changes the density, taste of the cake. Nothing can beat this product.. worth buying Lirish..
-Shyamala madappa
Amazing coffee! 2013-Aug-13, 02:36 pm

We tried the triple mix coffee powder recently and it was very good! We recommend this coffee and will be ordering it on a regular basis.
Awesome pork curry! 2013-Jun-18, 08:26 am

Only one word to describe the pork curry- awesome... I converted my friend from a pork hater to a pork lover yesterday... Now we are planning a monthly Coorg pork curry night...
Really good products 2013-May-20, 10:55 am

I tried your products. They are really good specially the roasted coffee beans.
WCKD..Delightful Indeed 2013-May-03, 01:30 am

My first WCKD experience was fab. The Mutton Pepper Fry (not in menu, but thanks to Lirish Chinnappa it was arranged) arrived just in time for our evening meetup with friends. Reminded us about the dish that we are so used to having during our homestay hospitalities in Coorg.
Awesome home food 2013-Apr-30, 03:12 am

Finally, had my (first) share of Pandi Curry with Kadambuttu and Chutney from CoorgShoppe.com. Awesomeness of home cooked food :)
Prompt Service 2013-Apr-10, 10:14 pm

Prompt service, they followup with us once the parcel is sent. good service...I'm very impressed Add some more products..particularly organic products
-poovanna cheppudira
Compliments! 2013-Mar-14, 11:00 pm

The Irish coffee is great, and the liquid coffee also perfect for cafe freddo. The chocolates didn't last too long, they are perfect companions for an Irish coffee!
Feedback 2013-Feb-23, 11:25 pm

Wines have become my latest passion. Coorg Shoppees Homemade Ginger Wine..!! - A wine which soothes the throat and provides for warmth in the cold winter night. Perfect for cocktails (including the Whisky Mac that it is mainly used for these days) or just sipping. Ginger Wine with warm milk before bed is the best thing ever for an upset stomach. All the best...
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