How it works

1. Go to coorgshoppe.com

Go to http://coorgshoppe.com in your favourite browser

2. Choose your product type

Choose your product type (coffee for eg.) from the home page. This will open up the specific type of product page you are looking for. 3. Select products

You can add items by clicking on the product image and selecting the number of items to add from the dropdown menu. Don't forget to click Add to Cart4. Checkout cart

Once you are done shopping, click on the CHECKOUT tab on the upper right hand corner of the pageThen, make sure you verify your cart contents and provide a valid delivery address (you need to enter this only once; a password will be generated based on your email id and the address will be saved during the first time. So the next time, you just need to enter the email id and the password; the address will be autogenerated!) and select the mode of payment

Your order is now placed!


5. We Deliver!

Once you have placed the order, we simply deliver it to your address!

So, all you need to do now is to Start Shopping

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