About Us

CoorgShoppe is first online store in India established to exclusively market Coorg products! It is an ecommerce store established to support local manufacturers of Coorg reach global customers. The local sellers/resellers or manufacturers are often unable to reach buyers outside Coorg. Additionally, people who visit Coorg and buy local products do not have any avenue to purchase those products again. CoorgShoppe aims to fill this gap by providing a common platform for manufacturers/sellers/resellers to display their products online and acquire orders. CoorgShoppe provides logistic assistance to fulfill these orders. Our uniqueness is the specific focus on Coorg products. 

CoorgShoppe offers you the same shopping in Coorg experience, albiet without having to travel all the way to Coorg! Shop for natural products which you wanted to buy in Coorg! From Coorg coffee to homemade products, we have it all here. CoorgShoppe also introduces several other products being produced in Coorg, which many are not aware of! We will ensure that you would never miss the shopping opportunity that you missed in Coorg and also never run out of your favourite food products.

All the products listed here are sourced from Coorg and are acquired on demand to ensure freshness of the products. We help local producers/homemakers sell their products on a common platform. 

Coorg Products

Coorg is known for its rich traditions, culture and its contribution to the army apart from coffee. Coorg coffee is one of the most sought coffee worldwide. The high altitude in Coorg along with an ambient environment enriches the coffee in Coorg resulting in an unique aroma and taste that is unforgettable.

Coorg honey is another product known for its purity and taste. Honey is known for its antiseptic, anti allergic and weightloss properties. Honey is obtained from different sources such as bee boxes, natural hives in forests, from the bee hives reared in earthern pots and micro hives in crevices.

Coorg cuisine on the other hand also stands out of the crowd for its uniqueness in the ingredients used and the methods of preparation. These recipes have been tried, tested and mastered over generations. We bring to you some of the unique products that are found only in Coorg and have been prepared by traditional Kodava families using the same old well tested recipes. 

Spices are grown as an intercrop almost in all places in Coorg. Some of the spices that are native to Coorg include turmeric, cardamom, pepper and cinnamon.

Come and explore the rich culinary heritage of Coorg through CoorgShoppe! 

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