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Pork Pickle

Pork Pickle

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For all those who love pork! Made by frying the marinated pork cubes and then pickled in the traditional way. Tastes yum and a must try for all pork lovers! Does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Natural vinegar has been used to make this to ensure there is no syntheti...


Bitterlime Pickle (200 gm)

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Known as Kaipuli in Coorg, bitter lime/orange is one of the citrus fruits widely available in Coorg and the most sought. Its tart flesh and the beguiling bitter-sweet fragrance is unforgetable. While you might not want to eat it out of hand, the flesh of the fruit is used in many a ways to c...


Mango Pickle (200gm)

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Homemade mango pickle at it's best! These are made from mango pieces treated in salt brine. Gives an unique twist for the regular mango pickle. This product is a home produce from a self help group of women in Coorg. The group is named Kodagu's Nature's Best, who aim to popularise the lcoal deli...